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Startup Lounge #32 - Tripstant

Startup Lounge #32 - Tripstant

The Startup Lounge is your place to get inspired to create something new, to discuss great ideas while hanging out with cool people and to meet startups, students and creative minds in a laid-back atmosphere. Join us if you are into start-ups and want to build a network in the Rhein-Neckar area!


The inspirational speakers will be of Tripstant!

The first drinks will be free!


Date & Time: Nov 22 2016 at 19:30

Location & full address: Cafe L3, L3 9, 68161 Mannheim



Tripstant - your travel assistant

Planing our travels online can be frustrating : You have to compare prices, reservations and timetables constantly while still sticking to your preferred destinations. After finally booking your trip on different platforms you have to care about collecting the different tickets and documents.

All of this is even harder when planing a trip with your friends or relatives.

Tripstant tackles these problems and gets the organization done for you. Its search features can find you a custom trip fitting your schedule, preferences and requirements - even when you are traveling in a group. If you do not like the suggestion you can decline it without any cost. 

And to make sure that you can relax while traveling we bundle the informations you need and make it available offline on your device. That way you do not need to become a travel organization expert.

Travel relaxed with Tripstant!

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