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Startup Lounge #78 - Erntehelfer-Gesucht

Startup Lounge #78 - Erntehelfer-Gesucht

The spring is rapidly coming to the end - we at MCEI did not even notice! This means that it is time for the final Startup Lounge of this semester. Our amazing guest for the event is Hans-Georg from Aehrenmann, a startup which has recently launched another initiative - Erntehelfer-Gesucht. He will provide useful insights on how startups help the agricultural sector, especially in these hard times. Apart from it, the winners of MCEI Pitch Battle will be announced!

Due to the current situation with Covid-19 this Startup Lounge will be held online. It is as communicative and as interactive as usual. Following the presentation there can be breakout rooms for individual conversations and talks. No experience in startups required! The link will be sent via the eventbrite-site, so we would ask you to register for the event:

About Aehrenmann and Erntehelfer-Gesucht:

We are Aehrenmann, a young startup in the agricultural sector. We are building a platform to connect farmers and young people for jobs and apprenticeships. During the Corona-crisis we paused the development of our original platform in order to build Erntehelfer-gesucht, a free to use spin-off of our original platform, because many foreign workers cannot come to Germany. This is a gigantic problem for many farmers. On the other hand, people from other sectors such as gastronomy and tourism are looking for work. Erntehelfer-gesucht is intended to serve as a free to use bridge between these actors, enabling both sites to get in touch on their own.

The MCEI Startup Lounge is your place to get inspired to create something new and to meet and mingle with the Mannheim Startup Ecosystem. Meet startups and creative minds to discuss great ideas in a laid-back atmosphere. Each Startup Lounge features an inspirational talk by a (usually early-stage) venture to get the discussion going. Each Startup Lounge has some budget to cover drinks (provided by either MCEI or one of our co-feature partners). Join us if you are into startups and want to expand your network in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and live the entrepreneurial spirit.

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