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Startup Lounge #92 - CU and Moufense

Startup Lounge #92 - CU and Moufense

Welcome to the new semester! We hope all of you have started the spring semester on a good note! Moreover, we cannot wait to welcome you to our first Startup Lounge this year in cooperation with Enactus Mannheim! We are lucky enough to hold this Startup Lounge in person in our beloved venue, Tiffany Mannheim. This Startup Lounge's guests are CU and Moufense!

CU is an innovative pool system with a uniform reusable container for dry food that can be seamlessly integrated into the German reusable deposit system.

Moufense currently operates in Togo and protects people from Malaria with an affordable, accessible, and easy to use body lotion that is mosquito-repellent and moisturizing at the same time. By setting up a local production and sales network, Moufense not only contributes to the health situation in Togo but also stimulates local economic growth.

In the Startup Lounge, MCEI features a startup on stage to pitch and provide insights into their current challenges. After the pitch, there is always the opportunity to ask questions and give advice. After the talk, we proceed with open networking. Benefit from getting to know (angel) investors, founders and many other actors from the Startup Ecosystem and share your own contacts to help others advance.

Don't miss the chance to learn about their stories and get to ask them questions on March 8, 2022, at 19:30 pm. Sign up via Eventbrite here to get your free ticket! See you there!


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