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Startup Lounge #96 - Pitch Battle

Startup Lounge #96 - Pitch Battle

It's pitch battle time!

As per tradition, the last Startup Lounge of the semester features the own ventures from our courses. Students from MAN 633

Entrepreneurial Spirit and MAN 453 Thinking Beyond Boxes have worked the whole semester on their startup projects. Throughout the courses, students advanced their startup projects to the next level and gained substantial knowledge. They will show their progress and pitch in front of an expert jury! The expert jury consists of Luisa Frank von burda, Jan Zybura von Mars, Michael Feygelman von KI-Garage.

The five startups pitching in this Startup Lounge are avity, parkinGaurds, Petatronics, Presentions and RecruSO! Come and support the teams and see who will be this semester's winner of the pitch battle

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