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UX Meetup by Getsafe

UX Meetup by Getsafe

Getsafe is making insurance to go.
To give you some insights behind the startup we are running our third meetup session. This time it’s all about UX.

Lean management is an approach to running an organization that supports the concept of continuous improvement. In terms of UX, setting objectives and a brief might be a good start anyway. Now it’s time for a customer journey strategy. Form the design hypothesis that comes along with user research and testing. Do insight analysis and refine the design hypothesis. David, our speaker, will tell you about all of this.

David, UX designer at Getsafe, is responsible for fulfilling user needs, and tries his best to constantly empathize with users. His goal is to make sure users can have fun interacting with software while also fulfilling their requirements. All of this and more will be discussed in our next meet-up. About David:

Getsafe GmbH
Bergheimer Straße 147, Aufgang C, 4th floor,
69115 Heidelberg

Register now for free at:

We're looking forward to an exciting evening with plenty of interesting discussion. Drop by for a beer and some snacks, and get a glimpse behind the scenes at Getsafe.

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