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Co-Founder wanted!

Co-Founder wanted!

Godfather of Smart Products (Product Management)

VIIVAA becomes the online store for smart assistants for the elderly. In the coming weeks, the website will be launching the first products, and the founder boat will still have an important place for those managing the product world and ensuring that VIIVAA offers the best selection of smart assistant products.

A few words about the business idea: How about if we can ensure in the future that our grandparents and our parents, thanks to smart assistants and the latest technology, can lead an independent and self-determined life into old age? And if, thanks to these smart assistants, we are also closely connected to them, we know that everything is in the green zone, even if we are not within reach - and in the event of a case, we will quickly get along with sticky situations thanks to a smartphone and it will be acted immediately. That would be pretty cool, right?

A lot of science fiction a few years ago, but today the first smart devices are on the market and in the future there will be more and more. But few of them know about these products and the possibilities. And there is currently no store / brand, with a focus on smart assistants for the elderly. And all this without the terrible senior and sanitary house flair, because the products will buy the relatives, so children / grandchildren like you and me ... and we want to see something fresh!

You are enthusiastic about new technical and digital possibilities, smart gadgets, SmartHome and find the possibilities around Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) exciting? Do you enjoy the mission of bringing together smart technology and the elderly, and thus making the world a bit better? You want to roll up your sleeves to build a team, a great company, a major brand and a future market? Then we really want to get to know each other!

As the Godfather of Smart Product :) you have full responsibility for the VIIVAA product world. From researching new products at home and abroad, to contacting and coordinating with manufacturers, to in-house product testing, product presentation, integration into the online store and the logistics chain, and much more. Boredom will definitely not come up.

As a co-founder, you'll make sure that VIIVAA becomes the best deal on the market, bringing together smart assistants for the elderly and their relatives. Together, we coordinate the positioning, the strategic route and plan future product enhancements, eg. As integration of hardware, software and external service providers or even their own product development.

You want to realize yourself as an entrepreneur and make a real impact? Then maybe this is your opportunity - VIIVAA is looking forward to hearing from you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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