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Since innovations drive the economy like no other subject, companies urgently need to focus on developing viable innovations in order to establish sustainable success. Due to this important economic dependency, the German Ministry for Economy and Technology will award the German Innovation Prize on April 4, 2014. The jury is looking for forward-thinking and outstanding innovations of german companies, which…
Students, research assistants and professors are encouraged to join the start2grow entrepreneurship competition 2014 -  a contest for people with an exciting business idea. Application is now open! Start2 grow offers the following benefits: Free participation High prize money, appealing material prizes and a special prize for technology innovations Support from over 600 coaches from the fields of economy and…
KLM Mobile Solutions was founded in 2011 by two business administration students of the University of Mannheim who then co-founded Sponsorun. Having developed the App of the University of Mannheim, the Startup was one of the first to launch mobile applications for universities in Germany. February 2013 brought about a change of management. Two economics students of the University of…
LEUCHTTURM e.V. is an organization whose main goal is the enhancement of social entrepreneurship in the fields of education, science and economy. The organization is addressed at students, employees, founders and self-employed individuals who are interested in the optimization of their ideas and concepts in the field of social entrepreneurship. The organization is now offering an idea competition for individuals,…
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