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MCEI is only as good as our partners. Here you can find all our partners sorted according to the services they can offer to you.

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Advisory & Support

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Student Initiatives

The corona crisis is challenging businesses and startups as never before. This leads to an increased demand for crisis consulting. Bwcon is now addressing this demand. From end March on many relevant topics will be discussed online within their new Bwcon Business Dialog under the title “how to successfully manage the corona crisis”. The Bwcon Business Dialogue will be streamed daily at 11 a.m. on Zoom. The concept is that businesses share their experiences. Bwcon is the leading economic initiative in Baden-Württemberg and connecting about 600 enterprises and more than 6000 experts.

In detail content will be:

24 March 2020: challenge short-time work

25 March 2020: A good start into home office

26 March 2020: Chances from promotional loans

27 March 2020: Promoting innovation with ZIM, KMU Innovativ & others

30 March 2020: Using time for company training

31 March 2020: Living digital team culture

01 April 2020: Solving conflicts digitally

03 April 2020: Master your mind – staying stabile in rough times

Registration is required for the Bwcon Business Dialogue. Shortly before the webinars start access and further information will be sent.

Ventures who like to share their experience or add additional topics are asked to sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more info see

Due to the current situation arising from Covid-19 the UIG summit will be postponed to summer. The new date will be Thursday 25 June at the University of Mannheim.

This year´s topic is "UX and beyond: How to master a human–centred digitalisation". Usability and user experience (UUX) are key competition factors in times of digitalisation. It is increasingly becoming more important to see users not only as clients or employees but also as humans with emotions, needs and attitudes, who need to be in the centre of interest. Involving people consequently in design and development could lead to usable, experience-orientated and fair results.

The 2020 summit will – as in recent years – introduce to new trends and developments in usability and user experience. Moreover, three main sub-topics will be discussed:

• “Human–centred design”: How can digital products and services be designed with a focus on users and what consequences arise for UX-designers?

• “Future of work”: How do we would like to live and work in future and which UUX-consequences are the results?

• “Fair digitalisation”: Which design trade-offs arise from the consequent implementation of a human–centred perspective in the field of UUX?

Another reminder following in May/June. More info already here.

Unfortunately Uni Mannheim´s Career Fair End March had to be cancelled like other major events before. Baden-Württemberg officially closed most of public life down last Friday, taking effect this week. Even further restrictions were added by the city of Mannheim. So even gatherings <50 people will require clearance in Mannheim as of Monday this week. All events >50 participants are prohibited without exception. See also:

As keeping distance indeed is crucial to stop the virus from spreading further and keeping everybody safe, we fully support these measures.

It is now planned to hold the Career Fair next semester!

How Baden-Württemberg could become the next hotspot for startups: SAP is Europes most valuable tech-corporation – inspiring the whole region. But what is next? Who could be the next billion-worth tec-unicorn? Right now startups and investors focus very much on Berlin, Munich and Cologne, widely ignoring that the Rhine-Neckar-region and Baden-Württemberg as a whole have a lot to offer: Here is home for many potent global players as well as worldwide-active SMEs. Also most of Germanies leading universities for engineering, economics and science are based in the region. Altogether these circumstances sum up as perfect conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation. And still the region remains being an “underdog” in terms of founding. How does that come? What need to be changed?

This and more will be discussed at a very inspiring event in Heidelberg.


4th May 2020, 5 – 7 pm.


Getsafe, c/o Design Offices, Langer Anger 7-9, Heidelberg.

Speakers are:

- Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg
- Florian Reuter, Chief Executive Officer (CEOD) Volocopter
- Dr. Danyal Bayz, MP and startup-deputy of the Greens
- Rolf Schumann, Chief Digital Officer (CDOD) Schwarz Group
- Dr. Christian Schmeichel, Senior Vice President Human Ressources SAP

The event will be moderated by Pauline Schnor, journalist at

A registration would be appreciated on or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entrance will be for free.

The Up2B Breakthough-programme is currently open for applications. It offers a broad range of professional workshops for B2B-business modells, individual coachings and first contacts with potential clients. Also a financing from the regional Start-up BW Pre-Seed programme could be realized.

Program Period

20th April – 29th May 2020

Program Language


Program Location

Germany: Walldorf, Mannheim and Heidelberg

What you can expect

• Six challenging weeks to boost your startup and to get access to our B2B world
• Selected workshops to sharpen your business know-how
• One-on-one coachings with mentors and B2B experts
• Demo Day to pitch your startup in front of our industry network
• A chance to become elected for Start-up BW Pre-Seed
• Free participation

For more info visit and application see


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