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Adtelligence is hiring!

Adtelligence is hiring! Adtelligence

Adtelligence is currently expanding and therefor looking for new employees. We would like to highlight and recommend you three positions which are described in detail in the attached PDFs.

Adtelligence was founded by Michael Altendorf, Cyrille Waguet, Jürgen Greulich and Udo Schork in 2009. Their founders took part in several MCEI events and the company was also awarded MCEI Startup of the Month. Adtelligence´s focus lies on Big Data, Customer Intelligence and Personalization Solutions. The AI solution from Adtelligence enables automated target group and customer-specific addressing of visitors on websites, product pages and landing pages. The entire content, the design and the offers can be automatically tailored to the respective visitors. The individually optimised approach is based on the AI-supported evaluation of all visit, customer and context data. Adtelligence's software determines who is visiting a website, what the underlying needs are and plays out a correspondingly optimised version of the website. The result is more sales, better conversion, additional profits, a reduction in the churn rate and the exploitation of cross-selling and up-selling potential.



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