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MAN 631 Pitch Battle 2019: The Latest Student Startups Live On Stage

MAN 631 Pitch Battle 2019: The Latest Student Startups Live On Stage

Once more the time has come!

On December 29, 2019, our new student startups form our accelerator course MAN 631 Creativity and Entrepreneurship present their exciting new ideas to the public for the first time in our MCEI Pitch Battle. Join us and show your support for all the teams and see the results they have been working on for the past months. They will pitch live in front of an expert jury and of course you! Five startups are pitching and we are excited to find the winner!

The event is open to public, so bring your friends!

When: December 29, 2019 | 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Where: Café L3 (L3,9, 68161 Mannheim)

Don't forget to join our Facebook event!

After the event we invite you to celebrate and network!



Meet our teams this semester:


Farm Wide Open
Team 2 Logo Farm wide open klein

Farm wide open is an online platform connecting small-sized hotels, restaurants and cafes with local farmers in an efficient and sustainable way. We aim to offer best prices through the use of technology and highest quality through our validation process.

Game Start Channel Team 5 Game klein

The company GSC is focused around life improvement. We create products, which help you to control your mind and to thrive on whatever path you want to take in life.

Juniors and SeniorsTeam 3 Juniors Seniors klein

We are Juniors and Seniors, here to bridge the gap between generations by changing the conventions of how to experience housing. A housing platform that values other things than monetary items, connecting people and creating sustainable relationships between citizens. Helping the growing lonely population in the world feeling less lonely and making accommodation more affordable to our Students and Young Professionals with a strive to live in urban environments.

Ramen Robot
Team 4 Logo Ramen Robot klein

Being a student is a hustle? Between classes and work, who has time to cook? And what if there is no Deli nearby? Who can work on an empty stomach? Our vending machines will provide tasty treats whenever you need them in no time. In less then one minute and for 2,50 Euro you will get a hot bowl of Ramen, made from healthy ingredients only.


Team 1 Logo VinBI klein


Winegrowing is strongly connected with the German culture. Although it is a complex industry, the digitalization has not been far advanced. VinBI contributes to managing vineyards efficiently and making the business data-driven and intelligent by providing tools for winegrowers. With a lean, intuitive and integrated software system, winegrowers are able to support their daily tasks without giving up on their unique philosophy.

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