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INTEGRA Projects Inside the Venture

INTEGRA Projects Inside the Venture

Since spring term 2013, our partner INTEGRA e.V. supports our startups with pro bono projects. The projects are very helpful - especially for startups that are in the transition to growth. Usually, there are 2-3 intensive consulting projects for dedicated startup support per semester. The team size is about 4-6 student consultants and the project horizons are usually about 3-4 months - free of charge. In a need assessment prior to project kick-off, the most pressing issues to resolve and the most relevant challenges to overcome will be identified and prioritized. Dedicated staffing ensures that the team can directly tackle the business challenges. If startups want to hire the INTEGRA team as a flexible task and research force beyond the Inside the Venture project, there are plenty of opportunities to do so at an affordable price. More than 20 highly successful projects can tell! Get inspired by a selection of project reports below. 

If you want to apply for an INTEGRA Inside the Venture project as an eligible* startup, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or INTEGRA e.V.!

*What is an eligible startup?

Startups that are still in the process of gaining traction and are operating for less than 5 years. Ideally, you are situated in the MRN to minimize travel expenses.

The objective of this consulting project Inside the Venture that Karin Weitkaempfer, Dennis Wagner, Florentine Eitelbach, Johann Maack and Robin Ruhnau have conducted was to evaluate the current marketing measures (status quo) and to develop a full-fledged marketing strategy for Mister Trip in Germany. In particular, the project included: profound market analyses including a dedicated competitor analysis analyzing targeted customer…
The objective of the INTEGRA Inside the Venture consulting project, which Felix Otto, Jan Keller and Marc-Alexander Vetter have consucted, was to develop a marketing strategy for the fintech MINVEO. In particular, the project included: Development of a marketing strategy Market segmentation and target customer analysis Prioritization of target groups and segments Development of marketing measures to target customers mapping…
Karen Weitkämpfer, Katja Braun, Christian Irlbeck and Michael Rainko have supported OPAL with an INTEGRA Inside the Venture project. The objective of the consulting project was to conduct a competitive analysis and develop a customer value proposition for  OPAL. In particular, the project included: Competitor Analysis status quo analysis competitive intelligence (CI) based on detailed market research validation of scoring criteria…
INTEGRA student consultants assisted the Mannheim Pharma & Diagnostics GmbH in refining der business model and adapting their pricing strategy. They developed a highly sophisticated and responsive pricing model. The Mannheim Pharma & Diagnostics GmbH is developing innovative test patches which can make the detection of kidney and liver dysfunctions much cheaper and easier than before. The technology was initially designed…
To support young startups and give students a chance to leverage their skills, we created “Inside the Venture” – a format where students act as consultants and solve pressing issues for early stage ventures. Concerning this offering, we owe a lot to the student consultancy INTEGRA e.V. They have conducted several consulting projects at young ventures by now, which always…
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