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“Inside the Venture”-Project: “Conducting a market analysis for the OPASCA Systems GmbH“

“Inside the Venture”-Project: “Conducting a market analysis for the OPASCA Systems GmbH“

To support young startups and give students a chance to leverage their skills, we created “Inside the Venture” – a format where students act as consultants and solve pressing issues for early stage ventures. Concerning this offering, we owe a lot to the student consultancy INTEGRA e.V. They have conducted several consulting projects at young ventures by now, which always turned out as great successes and helped the involved startups a lot. Here is a report about on our first co-operative project, which evaluated the market chances of a new product released by the Mannheim-based tech startup OPASCA.

A multidisciplinary team led by Christian Irlbeck reviewed the market potential in Germany, Austria and Switzlerland for medXguard, which is a personal security system for radiotherapy facilities. To do that, they firstly analyzed the needs and demand for the product, amongst other things by interviewing experts. In further steps, they assessed the legal framework for radiation therapy in the respective regions and the product range of dedicated competitors. They also detected trends, chances and risks associated with OPASCA’s business model and derived alternative applications for medX to advance it.

The whole team worked on a high level of professionalism and with a lot of dedication. Each member invested more than 100 hours into the 2-month project – a sum that seems even more impressive if one remembers that they also simultaneously managed their INTEGRA e.V. obligations and regular student workload!

The project was conducted in Spring Term 2013.

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