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Master Theses Inside the Venture

Master Theses Inside the Venture

Following the usual academic track, you write a scientific seminar paper and master thesis at our chair. Next to this option, you can also write your thesis in a Startup and help the business grow. This can be e.g. a fully-developed business plan or a dedicated analysis of the business model. Get creative, establish contact to a Startup or Spin-Off and develop a proposal on your possible work and contribution. Please note that if you choose a more practicallly-oriented thesis however, you will have to reveal your academic skills in an about 20 pages theoretical task that complements your thesis.

You have our fullest support while writing your thesis in a Venture. Please make sure that you fulfill the master thesis criteria at the Chair of Small and Medium Sized Companies and Entrepreneurship.

Of course, bachelor students are also granted the option to work with a Startup in the context of their thesis. However, time, scope and format of bachelor theses impose some limitations.

We will post vacancies/ pre-defined projects in this section @MCEI. What is more, you can network and find and define your own project. Please contact us, if you have further questions or need advice on your ideas.

Kurpfalz Business Briefing (ku.bus) is offering an exciting opportunity for a Master Thesis inside the venture! What is the company about? Business Briefing Deutschland is the umbrella media brand under which Kurpfalz Business Briefing (ku.bus) was established and conducted its hyperlocal proof-of-concept in Rhein-Neckar. ku.bus bridges decision-makers of large corporates and young start-ups by informing and inspiring them via newsletter…
  For the upcoming fall semester 2015/2016 we were able to partner with 3 startups looking for students writing their thesis at their company.This means tackling the struggles of a startup with a theoretical approach and formulating a thesis based on data and findings directly from practice. Yet the general formal requirements for master theses at our chair apply and…
Marc Warczok (graduate student of the University of Mannheim) spent the last months on his thesis. Nothing unusual so far but next to crunching numbers and working the books he is also researching and supporting in the live-environment of a startup. Below you can find his report on his time 'Inside the Venture':   'As part of my Master thesis…
Master student Phillip Haake has conducted an Inside the Venture Master thesis project in collaboration with the InnovationLab (IL) in Heidelberg. He assessed the prospects for commercialization of electroluminescent foils, which are produced with a revolutionary production technology. The assessment involved market research of various current and future application markets and an analysis of the technological requirements for catering to…
“Inside the Venture”-projects can take different forms. Besides our great projects in cooperation with Integra and students projects, we also send excellent students with business expertise into Startups to support them. This is is then, next to a theoretical element, part of their master thesis work. As a major part of his master thesis at MCEI, Patrick Bach developed the business…
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