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MCEI Seed Award

MCEI Seed Award

The MCEI Seed Award is a 10,000 EUR seed price to help your startup grow – no strings attached, no equity taken.

The Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation invites startup teams that have emerged at the University of Mannheim and/ or have been created by University of Mannheim student or alumni teams (at least one team member with affiliation) to participate in the MCEI Seed Award. The three best startups will be selected out of all incoming applications by an expert jury and invited to a final public pitch presentation. The team with the best pitch selected by an external, expert jury will then be awarded the prize (10,000 EUR).

We look for teams that are highly motivated, idea-driven and energetic. The business model should be clearly and concisely explained and the pitch-deck state of the art and directed towards a business angel audience. The role of each founder/ team member should be spelled out along with each person’s most impressive/ extraordinary life achievement. While not prerequisited, a short intro video can make a lasting impression.
How much impact will you create and when will you scale your business to the next level? Be ambitious but avoid vague or inflated language. Winners of the prize are expected to go full throttle – to take off the brakes and take their startup to the next level! All applying teams will also be eligible to join our MCEI Startup Sparring.


We are looking back on the first MCEI Seed Award in 2017 and the second MCEI Seed Award 2018, kindly sponsored by the Heinrich-Vetter-Foundation, and the third MCEI Seed Award 2019



RideBee convinced the jury with their pitch and won the MCEI Seed Award 2019 in an exciting final round. The young startup wins a price money of 10,000 euro which is intended to help the startup grow.  We kicked-off this Startup Lounge season for the spring semester with a special event – the final round of the MCEI Seed Award…
“We actually exceeded our target for the month!” Victoria Seibert’s voice gave her excitement away. Being the co-founder of a young e-commerce startup is certainly not an easy task. And neither does pursuing a full-time Master’s program at one of Germany’s top universities simultaneously make it any easier. The young entrepreneur, Victoria Seibert, however, still somehow manages to do it…
Remember our first ever MCEI Seed Award Winner, PulseShift? To commemorate the one-year anniversary of this great milestone, we met again with co-founder and CEO David Hoeffler to talk about the development of PulseShift since the award ceremony. A lot has happened at PulseShift over the past year. While initially focusing on software development and the offer´s provider, the team…
In an exciting and highly competitive final round the team from Mirabesque convinced the jury with their idea and thereby won the MCEI Seed Award 2018. The award comes with a price money of 10,000 euro and is intended to help the startup grow. We kicked-off this Startup Lounge season for the spring semester with a special event – the…
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