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Mirabesque wins MCEI Seed Award 2018

Victoria Seibert (Mirabesque) with the jury Victoria Seibert (Mirabesque) with the jury Elisabeth Gourlin

In an exciting and highly competitive final round the team from Mirabesque convinced the jury with their idea and thereby won the MCEI Seed Award 2018. The award comes with a price money of 10,000 euro and is intended to help the startup grow.

We kicked-off this Startup Lounge season for the spring semester with a special event – the final round of the MCEI Seed Award 2018. The Café L3 was packed with spectators as an excited crowd witnessed the finalist's high-profile pitches. Over 150 startup enthusiasts from all over the Rhein-Neckar area wanted to see the three finalists live. The jury pre-selected our three finalists in the forerun from 18 contestants by evaluating the startup’s pitch deck according to the Seed Award criteria and their professional opinion. Each member casted their opinion individually and the aggregated feedback determined the finalists.

The first pitch of the evening was Mirabesque with founder Victoria Seibert. Mirabesque is a brand for high quality and unique dancewear. The business aims to move the dancewear market from offline to online and establish a unique brand. With great knowledge of their target group, the team creates value for their customers by facilitating the shopping process of dancewear.

The next to present was with Johann Rink. Their team wants to simplify the work of doctors and hospital with their platform. They make German treatment guidelines easily accessible within seconds via a modern interface. Subsequently therapy suggestions can be adapted to individual patients.

Finally, Dennis Knochenwefel from Reportix delivered their idea to the jury and the crowd. Reportix developed a solution to bring contracts onto the Blockchain technology. Their technology allows legal contracts to be read by both machines and humans. Profitable in their first year of existence, Reportix already has clients on an international level.

After three amazing pitches the jury gave their feedback via their ballot sheets. In the end, Mirabesque was voted winner. The second place went to the team of Reportix followed by in third place. The winner is entitled to the price money of 10,000 euro to advance their business, which is kindly provided by the Heinrich Vetter Foundation and we want to thank the foundation for making this possible.

To all the 18 contestants this year we want to extend our thanks! The applicants were CoTutuor, Crashtest Security, Das Personalauswahltool, dawoi,, Gaze Tap, LBRM, Lucy, Mirabesque, Reportix, RideBee, Scoobel, Shafies, Softsourced, SurveyCircleV|O Coffee and another, that does not want to be named here. 

Although only one startup could win the prize money, all applicants are encouraged to use the MCEI support activities to boost their idea. Special thanks go to the jury for their effort and professional judgement of the ideas. Last but not least thanks to the Café L3 for hosting another great event and making the time most enjoyable for our guests.


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