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PulseShift: One year later

PulseShift: One year later

Remember our first ever MCEI Seed Award Winner, PulseShift? To commemorate the one-year anniversary of this great milestone, we met again with co-founder and CEO David Hoeffler to talk about the development of PulseShift since the award ceremony.

A lot has happened at PulseShift over the past year. While initially focusing on software development and the offer´s provider, the team quickly realized that customers wanted closer support than originally expected. As a result, PulseShift has expanded its Software-as-a-Service business model with a consulting component that is accompanied by the software. In combination with intensive support, the benefit of the software can be maximized, thus offering customers a complete package that comprehensively accompanies and optimizes their transformation.

In 2017, the first pilot project was started with a DAX Group. In the middle of the year, a report by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also aroused public interest for the startup's change monitoring solution, so that PulseShift can look forward to numerous projects with new customers. In addition, the rapidly increasing demand for the PulseShift product has grown the company from six to eight employees.

The MCEI Seed Award brought PulseShift's attention and welcome financial support to the team, which has been able to completely dispense with external funding since the company was founded. The prize money of the MCEI Seed Award enabled the company to push investments that would otherwise only have been possible later. Among other things, the prize money was used for marketing that allowed the attendance of conferences and recruitment of new customers. In addition, investments into data protection, legal advice and IT security were made.

The PulseShift team is aiming to expand its partner network in 2018. Partnering with PulseShift gives consulting companies the benefit of being able to manage client projects more effectively through continuous, data-driven change monitoring. Partner companies can use the PulseShift solution to show their customers risks and problems that would otherwise have gone undetected. This increases the transparency and helps to answer the question: "What do we have to do next?".

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