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Supporting market entry @AUCTEQ Biosystems

Supporting market entry @AUCTEQ Biosystems

As part of the MAN 633 Inside the Venture (Track 1) course during Fall 2018, Manuel Hammerschmidt and Christian Kunze supported AUCTEQ Biosystems in preparing their market entry. The team delivered deep insights and fundamental due diligence. They conducted customer development and gained insights into required product features and also included several perspectives on potential pricing schemes. What is more, the team looked into how a sales process should be designed in this very specific market and who are the actual buyers in biopharmaceutical labs. 

AUCTEQ Biosystems is a biotechnology startup based in Mannheim and was founded in 2018 by Valentin Kramer at the Hochschule Mannheim. Their aim is to offer bioreactors that combine the safety of the cells with user-friendliness and cost-efficiency to create a modern and sustainable cell culture process, effectively solving the problem of outdated and inefficient procedures and tools.

To know learn more about AUCTEQ Biosystems, visit their website:

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