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Business Development @Angels4Health

Business Development @Angels4Health

The angel investor network Angels4Health has received support by a MAN 633 Inside the Venture project during the Spring Semester 2018. The project was conducted by Anastasiya Guba, Amy Garcia Kennedy, Eni Papuciu, Ivan Grebenshchikov and Jonas Tischer.

Angels4Health is a 2018 founded network of private angel investors with a focus on early stage ventures in the life science industry, including medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and digital health. They share the objective of being more than just financial investors, but of being mentors, sparring partners and part of the team. Angels4Health wants to support early stage ventures on their way to huge funding rounds and exits.

During their project, the team offered great support to the network, as their website had been launched only two weeks before the beginning of the course. In the first half of their project, the team studied with Angels4Health´s processes and created process flow charts for both Startups and Investors. Students outlined relevant networking events where the founders could promote their investor activities. After that they identified relevant stakeholders to find potential partners for Angels4Health. In the second half of the project, the team outlined the relevant marketing channels and established a social media campaign to start building a community around Angels4Health. Furthermore, the team had to familiarize themselves with website development, and added a number of new features to automate the website.

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