Business Development @FutureNext

Business Development @FutureNext

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit course in fall 2020 Mathilda Axelsson and Jie Sun supported FutureNext. Within the project they performed various tasks aiming to find new customers and make the product more attractive to potential customers. During their project, they collected insights about big companies with internal academies, taking a closer look at SAP and BASF, and how they could benefit from the Virtual Badge Service. Furthermore, they applied different models to analyse the Virtual Badge Service.

FutureNext is a marketing company with a focus on their Virtual Badget Service. They aim at a modern form of marketing that includes individualized virtual badgets. Users shall be given a token that they are proud to share. Creating these online certificates is meant to spark pride related to a certain company and increase engagements on social media.

To know learn more about FutureNext, visit their website:

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