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Business model development @Opal Analytics

Business model development @Opal Analytics

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit course in fall 2020 Asad Auyb, Asad Ellahi an Gauri Maya Upreti assisted Opal Analytics. The main purpose of this project was to help Opal Analytics to improve its forecasted value and meet its core objectives. In the project they tried to enhance the 3-core objectives that Opal created for the customers i.e., improve sales opportunities, reduce losses, and increase customer satisfaction. Their project not only measured the value created for the customer by calculating the metrics like net cost saving, increase in sales and decrease in cost but also provides Opal team with recommendations to predict better results in the future.

Opal Analytics is a Mannheim based startup that helps bakeries to improve their processes. Data from checkouts and baking stations are linked to external influencing factors, such as weather, public vacations and local events. Their software analyzes this data in real time. The result is a precise, up-to-the-minute forecast of demand. This is compared with the current actual situation. This delivers an optimal production plan directly to customers' checkout screens. The plan can be used in the store as an interactive recommendation for action and relieves the staff on site.

To know learn more about Opal Analytics, visit their website:

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