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Business strategy development @Treye Tech

Business strategy development @Treye Tech Pixabay

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Aniruddh Agarwal, Borsika Molnar and Hyder Amin formed part of Treye Tech in fall semester 2019. In September 2019 the student team started to work with Treye Tech, with the aim to help to find a perfectly suitable business strategy for the startup and improve its already existing business model itself. The starting point was to have a basic understanding about the company, its work, its product. Having a basic overview they analysed different applications for the technique. As a result they concluded that the health sector might be the best sector for the company’s product in the first place. Additionally, they also analysed more possible geographical markets all around the world. As two of teammates are originally coming from India, beside Europe one possible solution seemed to be India for Treye Tech health-care communication product.

Treye Tech is meant to easy the application of mobile devices by eye movement and to open the door to a post touch era. In 2016 the startup was awarded with Be.Projekt Award. Treye Tech was founded by Anton Wachner, a Uni Mannheim employee and Alumni.

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