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Communication and Distribution Strategies @Eazy

Communication and Distribution Strategies @Eazy

The Mannheim based Startup Eazy has been supported by two MAN 633 Inside the Venture projects during the Fall Semester 2017. The first one was conducted by Franziska Böhmer, Lukas Bücking and Gloria Kuppler. The second one by Alexandra Spintge, Chiara Lagni and Ryan Burkart.

Eazy is a recently founded, low-price telecommunication startup specializing in internet flat rates. The brand eazy is faced with many challenges including fierce competition and the search for an optimized way of targeting customers.

The two student teams addressed the brand challenges by working on eazy´s communication strategy and exploring new distribution niche channels, the first team analysed new online marketing channels and while the second concentrated the effort on offline distribution channels at point of interest. The teams presented a report each with recommendations on how to proceed given the results of their projects.

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