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Local brand introduction @Swapfiets

Local brand introduction @Swapfiets Swapfiets

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Daniel Hoffman, Jonas Rudi and Maksym Pisnyi joined Swapfiets in spring semester 2019. Their commitment was concentrated on launching the Mannheim branch of the business. In particular, the team’s tasks focused on location search, traditional and guerilla marketing and local partnerships. In doing so they helped the startup with the early stages of launch by finding partnerships and attending public events. Nevertheless, without one of the core points of customer attraction, a physical store, the launch process was still ongoing back in the days. During the cooperation they found some critical points that might slow down and/or decrease the efficiency of the local launch processes and came up with recommendations that might help local and higher levels of management to overcome these issues.

Swapfiets is a bicycle company that rents bicycles to customers. The company is Dutch but owns many stores in Germany. Their concept is to rent bikes on a contract basis to customers. The bikes provided by Swapfiets are standardized, not custom-made. Maintenance is entirely provided by Swapfiets.


To learn more about Swapfiets, visit their website:

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