Market analysis @Future Stock

Market analysis @Future Stock Pixabay

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Manuel Francisco González Arriaga joined Future stock in fall semester 2019. His main task was a market analysis for the founders. As the idea was still on development it had to be validated and tested with the target market; also understanding the team and market was essential part in order to be able to pitch in the near future. First part of his project consisted mainly on getting to know the strengths and opportunities of the team, primary and secondary research about its potential market, getting behavioral insights, which by that point were still unknown and last but not least a small validation of the idea. The final outcome was a potential business model and demo, yet to be validated, but with a very clear problem definition and differentiation points from the current offer.

Future Stock is the result of an iterative development process towards a specific goal, providing investment knowledge in a very easy and convenient way. In a rising and competitive market providers of investment knowledge become increasingly important for private investors which equals the potential for the realisation of the idea.

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