Market entry strategy @Getsafe

Market entry strategy @Getsafe Getsafe

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Nils Richter, Maxim Belikov, Yin-Feng Li and Robert Cuzencu teamed up for joining Getsafe in spring semester 2019. Getsafe had been continuously growing over the last years and was therefore looking to expand to foreign markets. In this project, they conducted a market analysis of Austria, France and Italy to determine the characteristics of these markets and what Getsafe should consider when trying to enter them. Macroeconomic characteristics such as target group size, internet and smartphone users were gathered, suitable products for a market entry were assessed, startup and established competition was analyzed and comparison portals as well as deal websites were evaluated as possible entry channels.

Getsafe is an InsurTech startup from Heidelberg. With their app they combine assurance business and technology. The result is a more approachable access to the right assurances. That might be why Getsafe is one of most chosen assurance brands among Millennials. Getsafe was founded in 2013. Alex Grimm (COO) and Daniel Treiber (CFO) studied at the University of Mannheim. Many interns are University of Mannheim students. Getsafe has take part to the Career Fair multiple times and to the QSummit. Co-founder Christian Wiens and Getsafe had been active at the Founder Talk.

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