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Market Research & Pricing @Orderpoints

Market Research & Pricing @Orderpoints

The Mannheim based Startup Orderpoints has been supported by two MAN 633 Inside the Venture projects during the Fall Semester 2017. The first one was conducted by Marcel Bausch, Mustafa Gercek, Marcel Blümler, Domenik Fox and Felix Kath. The second one by Beliaev Artem and Kadykov Nikita.

Orderpoints was developed during the first edition of our MAN 633 course (Spring 2017). Their app allows a shorter waiting time in i.e. hotels and restaurants by letting the guests order food or drinks from special order points and in the shortest possible time with their own smartphones.

The student teams´ tasks were to find and evaluate new use cases for Orderpoints as well as to develop a strategic pricing framework for the company´s first cooperations. The second team conducted an in-depth market research and pricing framework for the particular use case of cooperations with hotels.

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