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Marketing strategy development @Tutorspace

Marketing strategy development @Tutorspace

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit course in fall 2020 Devadeep Sen and Muhammad Arsal supported Tutorspace. In order to assist the startup with its website launch and reaching out to more people, they developped further marketing strategies for the company. The strategies have been developed keeping in mind the target audience, the competitors and the education system of Germany. Since the startup was also interested in the expansion into other possible countries, they also carried out a market research into prospective countries where TutorSpace could expand in the future. As a result two key target areas where identified.

Tutorspace is a Ludwigshafen based education company that provides a plattform for tutoring. Students can find their teacher online and for free.

To know learn more about Tutorspace, visit their website:

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