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In their MAN 633 Inside the Venture project, Duc Manh Nguyen, Indhira Mehalingam and Oriane Bruxelle have supported the Mannheim Startup PulseShift


PulseShift is a highly innovative start-up proving solutions which assist the management tier of any organization in gauging the employee involvement in the implementation of any change in the organization. And this service is backed by a highly efficient technical support, which helps in dynamically generating reports and KPIs, which will assist the change management people to make effective and timely decisions. And they promise this by getting the employee feedback on the implemented change on a regular basis in form of surveys that helps the management to have a continuous stream of feedback from their employees during the whole transformation processes. The student team challenged PulseShift's business model, ran competitor analyses and developed a strategic pricing framework for PulseShift


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