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Product enhancement @Heyanna Pixabay

As part of the MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit Manuel Andrea Catacora and Cara Maria Damm joined Heyanna in fall semester 2019. Their mission was to secure a high standard of the coliving spaces Heyanna is offering. This factor is often less visible, but also very important: How to ensure that there are high-quality apartments available for the coliving crews to move in. To acquire these high-quality to apartments, it was crucial to establish a good and trusted relationship with the owners of the flat. Therefore, the main effort of the team was to create transparency within this second factor of the coliving experience, to enable the development of a well-designed landlord service, which is ready to be tested in a field experiment.

Heyanna is a coloving provider located in Mannheim. After a period of market analysis and app testing the young startup launched their app just a few months ago. Already now they are are to provide coliving spaces in major towns. Applying for a coliving space at Heyanna is only possible by creating a vivid profile like a Facebook account. Heyanna was founded by Timo Strauch, Sebastian Frederik Jacobsen, Chiara Saltaformaggio and Filiz Isabella Hellwig in 2019. Sebastian is currently doing a Master's in Business Informatics. Timo is an alumni of the University of Mannheim and has also studied Business Informatics.

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