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Student Projects Inside the Venture

Student Projects Inside the Venture


Interested Startups - How and why to participate?

Is your business expanding rapidly and are you excelling on a growth path or are you facing some trouble of which you might not even know the cause? In either case, you might consider that one of our student teams with their dedicated business and (theoretical) entrepreneurship experience can be of great help.

Are you eligible for an Inside the Venture project?

Your business should not be older than 5 years and have less than 150 employees. What is more, proximity to the University of Mannheim with respect to location is desirable (Rhein-Neckar region) to ensure frequent onsite visits by the student team and reduce travel expenses. Ideally, you also have some roots at the University of Mannheim in terms of, for instance,  one of your founding members having studied here but this is not a necessary condition. 

When are Student Projects Inside the Venture offered and how long is such a project?

The projects are conducted in our applied course MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit. The course is offered each term and thus twice a year (kick-off FSS in Feburary and kick-off HWS in September, so please apply by the end of January or August). The projects are then conducted throughout the semester (Februray-June & September-December). Thus, an average project lasts 3-4 months. 

How to participate and what are the next steps?

Startups that intend to participate should write us an e-mail or MCEI message. Please let us know what are the most pressing challenges that need to be resolved. In a next step, you will meet the MCEI team and we will prioritize your needs into a project definition. The logical next step is compiling a student team out of our student accelerator talent pool and a subsequent project kick-off. 

How much does it cost to participate?

All projects are conducted free of charge. Given a high amount of time and effort students will spend on your business and its advancement, you are kindly encouraged to define a success-oriented incentive scheme for the team. However, this is up to you and not obligatory. Note that we will not have any contractual agreement and that you work with student consultants who invest a lot of time in your startup- thus, it goes without saying, that your share your experience, learnings and give them great insights into the startup world to help them grow. 


Student Candidates - How to participate?

Student Candidates can join by applying for MAN 633 Entrepreneurial Spirit. The course web page will provide you with more information on all the options.  

Student Candidates can join our Inside the Venture team and apply directly via e-mail or MCEI message to Jan Zybura. Please add your relevant CV to give some indication on which project suits you best. You will then be added to a dedicated Inside the Venture Group within our MCEI network to provide you with a community of knowledge exchange.
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