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RoadAds Interactive GmbH – MSc Thesis Inside the Venture by Julius Seitter

RoadAds Interactive GmbH – MSc Thesis Inside the Venture by Julius Seitter

As part of his “Inside the Venture” Master Thesis, Julius Seitter became part of the RoadAds Interactive team. The company specializes in vehicle advertising technology and offers a unique product – a digital e-paper screen for trucks and buses, that can flexibly change the advertising contents based on the vehicle’s location.

Julius’ project focused on the hardware sales business, the newly emerged addition to the established advertising technology core. For his consulting project, he analyzed the AS-IS business state of the company to determine points of improvement. Moreover, he conducted qualitative research on customer markets and competitor’s landscape. Applying these insights, he designed a marketing strategy that covers product-, price-, channel-, and communication-related measures. Next to the startup project, Julius conducted research on startup platform ecosystems and the value they could bring for corporate-startup partnerships. The thesis was finalized in March 2020.

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