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New platform erntehelfer-gesucht

Some days ago a group of Uni Mannheim students teamed up to contribute in fighting the coronavirus economic consequences. Aiming at providing help for the agricultural sector they set up the page, a spin-off from their startup

With they try to address the lack of workers from Eastern Europa, traditionally coming in for helping on the fields during summer. It is highly in doubt if the more than 300.000 workers will be able to come over this year. That leads to farmers facing enormous difficulties in preparing and bringing in the harvest. On the other hand people from other sectors such as gastronomy and tourism are looking for work as many restaurants and hotels are closed or run with tough restrictions. is intended to serve as a bridge between these actors, enabling both sites to get in touch on their own.

Farmers can post their job offers on to look out for applicants and volunteers. Registration is super easy and speedy and can be done in less than five minutes, using given categories. These jobs postings will then be spread on different student platforms, university sites and other networks, so that students will be able to easily go through the job opportunities.

Initiators are Hans-Georg Ripcken and Carl von Diest. Hans-Georg is currently studying economics and history on a master level at the University of Mannheim. His co-founder Carl is master student in agricultural science at the University of Neubrandenburg. The rest of the team is working full-time, most of the developers for the much. GmbH in Munich. All of them took part in the federal goverments recently organized WirvsVirus Hackaton.

With their startup Aehrenmann they were already part of MCEI´s accelerator programme and course MAN 633. is still running with a similar but more long-term approach.

In case you would like to help them or work on the field do not hesitate to reach out or just visit the page!

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