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Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim

Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim

The Beteiligungsfonds Wirtschaftsförderung Mannheim offers financing for innovative companies in the field of technology or companies in the creative industry in the seed stage. 

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BREAKTHROUGH 2017 – from business concept to market validation! Application open until September 17th

BREAKTHROUGH is an accelerator program that enables early-stage startups to find product/market fit. Within nine weeks, founders will validate their concepts in real market conditions to turn them into products customers will love!

The program is designed to help highly motivated entrepreneurs to turn their business hypotheses into products their customers love. BREAKTHROUGH is inspired by the lean startup method and other top notch methodologies of customer centric thinking and lean approaches. The program is divided into three phases. Each phase lasts three weeks. Within each phase, the workshops and assignments will cover all areas of the startup’s business plan. At the end of each phase, a big competitive pitch event will decide which startup can advance to the next phase. For details see the website The program will end with a big final pitching competition (demo day), in which the best five startups will present their businesses to a high-profile jury and compete for prizes and media coverage. The program takes place in the region of Mannheim, Heidelberg, Walldorf and Karlsruhe. The very least amount of time to spend in the program is two hours per week.

You can apply, if you meet the following requirements: You need to have a tech business concept dealing with digital transformation and targeting business customers. Your startup should not be older than five years. You and your team will be able to participate in the program period for most of the sessions. At least one of you is present at the four main events. You need to present a weekly progress pitch about your startup’s development.

In order to benefit most from the program, you should have those two in abundance: A hard-working attitude and eagerness to learn and grow. You should set ambitious goals and work independently to achieve them. You should use the program as a guiding frame to help you meet your objectives and earnestly consider all the offers made in this program. Honest and concrete feedback about our program is highly appreciated.

The program is free and comes with no strings attached! Apply until September 17th, 23:59 UTC at:


  • University of Mannheim
  • Institut für Mittelstandsforschung
  • Gründerverbund
  • ESF
  • Europäische Union
  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
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