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ASAP BW final #9

ASAP BW final #9 Startup BW

The big ASAP BW final #9 is on, are you in? On Wednesday, February 15, 2023, from 4 to 6 p.m., the best teams from THE LÄND will pitch their ideas live via Veertly in front of a jury of experts and the audience. You can expect exciting ideas and the minds behind them. Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to network with the startup scene BW and make new contacts. The winners, who will be judged and selected by well-known players in the startup scene, will receive prizes of up to 1,000 euros in various categories as well as places and support in further funding programs in Baden-Württemberg.

For all interested parties: You still have until February 01, 2023, 10 a.m., to submit your application to ASAP BW and thus qualify for the final #9. You can also look forward to Sebastian Demuth and Christian Veit from "Spätzle Valley - der Startup Podcast", who will host the ninth final and guide us through the evening. Together with the startup improveMID you can expect a small live podcast interlude on top of that. For all those interested in startup culture: You too can be part of the big Campus Competition in THE LÄND and experience the best teams from our universities and colleges live! As of now, free registration is open for those interested: Teams can submit their application for the ASAP BW finals at the following link:

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