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Bwcon Business Dialogue

Bwcon Business Dialogue

The corona crisis is challenging businesses and startups as never before. This leads to an increased demand for crisis consulting. Bwcon is now addressing this demand. From end March on many relevant topics will be discussed online within their new Bwcon Business Dialog under the title “how to successfully manage the corona crisis”. The Bwcon Business Dialogue will be streamed daily at 11 a.m. on Zoom. The concept is that businesses share their experiences. Bwcon is the leading economic initiative in Baden-Württemberg and connecting about 600 enterprises and more than 6000 experts.

In detail content will be:

24 March 2020: challenge short-time work

25 March 2020: A good start into home office

26 March 2020: Chances from promotional loans

27 March 2020: Promoting innovation with ZIM, KMU Innovativ & others

30 March 2020: Using time for company training

31 March 2020: Living digital team culture

01 April 2020: Solving conflicts digitally

03 April 2020: Master your mind – staying stabile in rough times

Registration is required for the Bwcon Business Dialogue. Shortly before the webinars start access and further information will be sent.

Ventures who like to share their experience or add additional topics are asked to sent an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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