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EWOR - Become an Entrepreneur Without Risk

EWOR - Become an Entrepreneur Without Risk

EWOR helps you founding companies without bearing any risk. Apply and - while working on your own venture - receive a yearly wage of CHF 60,000, free office space, a network of mentors, investors & peers reaching to Peter Diamandis and Bill Clinton, and even an employment contract in case your venture should fail. Applications are open. Apply now on


Europe faces a macroscopic challenge. On the one hand, large corporations often fail to innovate, given their rigid structures that once led to their success. Clayton Christensen displays in his book ‘The Innovators Dilemma’ that corporate processes ensure certainty and quality but inhibit corporation’s intrinsic ability to produce a volcanic level of innovation such as detected in Silicon Valley or recently in India and China – where one billionaire arises every single week. On the other hand, Europe works well. Our political system is sound, corporate jobs yield a decent pay and entrepreneurship is not highest priority. Thus, Europe is very seldom able to tell entrepreneurial stories like those of Facebook, Uber, Apple, etc – and this problem needs to be solved in order for Europe to stay competitive. Entrepreneurship Without Risk solves this problem.

EWOR invites young promising individuals to found their own businesses while receiving CHF 60,000 yearly as a wage, free office space, a network of mentors, investors & peers, and even an employment contract in case the venture should fail.

They will not be forced to comply with corporate processes and will thus be free to innovate. Yet, they will have the opportunity to return to a corporate job, even when the business fails. They are true entrepreneurs without risk.

With corporations sharing ownership with the entrepreneurs, a win-win situation for both the entrepreneur and the corporation arises. It is courage rather than skill and ability preventing Europe to stay innovative. And rather than changing a risk-averse mindset which once led to great success, Entrepreneurship Without Risk adjusts the structure so that these mindsets lead to global success again.

EWOR is selective; only the best will be chosen to be supported by EWOR. When you apply on and are selected as a potential entrepreneur, we will contact you directly to explore a perfect place and time to start. EWOR focusses on people and thus guarantees substantial leeway in time and place.


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