The program 'young innovators' (Junge Innovatoren) supports young research assistants of universities and other research institutes in order to become self-employed while producing and marketing innovative products or processes. Since 1995, over 200 different projects have been supported and you could be the next in line profiting from this great opportunity. The program is designed to support an alternative to…
Karl Friedrich Fürst von Hohenzollern has awarded the ‚Prinz von Hohenzollern Innovationspreis’ (Hohenzollern Innovation Prize) for the 7th time this year. The great news is that for the second time, a start-up from the Rhine-Neckar region has been able to win the price: The interdisciplinary team of contagt GmbH i.G. received the award in Heidelberg on June, 13th. The company…
The EXIST Research Transfer Scholarship (Forschungstransfer) is an extension to the normal EXIST founders’ schloarship (EXIST Gründungsstipendium) and focuses on research-based startup projects.  Since research-intense projects are usually linked to rather expensive and risky research activities, this extended scholarships allows students to focus on their research without fearing the extensive consequences of failing. In the first stage of this funding…
Supporting the best ideas and start-ups enhancing the society's well-being! What is GENERATION - D? GENERATION - D is a german founding competition for students by students. The competition aims at supporting innovative and creative projects that increase societal values and benefits while at the same time advancing entrepreneurial motivation. The competition therefore wants to raise awareness for Social Entrepreneurship…
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