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"Digital Future" - Challenge

"Digital Future" - Challenge

The Digital Future Challenge is a common project of the Deloitte Foundation and the D21 Initiative to take a closer look at the responsibility of companies and corporations in regard of the digital revolution, their Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR). The Digital Future Challenge is encouraging students all over Germany to develop guidelines and key points for a responsible behavior of companies in the digital world, illustrated by concrete examples. Within the Challenge interdisciplinary project teams are competing against each other for the best, most creative and sustainable ideas. Over 70 University institutes and many renowned companies are supporting the project. A top-class jury out of politicians, economic leaders and representatives from civil society will decide which projects and teams will be awarded.

The Challenge is also supported by Ekipa, a startup from Frankfurt that is going to provide the online platform. On the platform teams can be formed, use cases be chosen and drafts finally be uploaded. Ekipa is specialized on providing platforms to connect millennials and the economy.

The D21 Initiative is Germany´s largest network studying the challenges of the digital revolution, developing perspectives arising from possible cooperation between politics and economy and shape the future in a digitalized world.

Winning teams are awarded with far-reaching publications, research trips to Brussels where meetings with high-ranking EU-politicians are envisioned or the opportunity to take part in events of Regardless of that all participants will benefit from the network involved consisting of stakeholders from economy, society and politics.

Deadline for handing in drafts is 02 December 2019.

More info online at

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