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Ideathon - create the city of tommorrow!

Ideathon - create the city of tommorrow! Next Mannheim

A new opportunity to improve your skills and gain experience has come your way! "Ideathon: Create the city of tomorrow" is a chance for you to go through the innovation process from an idea to a prototype in two days. Here, in small groups, you will implement your visions and learn about design thinking along the way. "Ideathon" is a jointly held event by WOMEN TECH FOUNDERS by NEXT MANNHEIM, Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW), University Heidelberg and MCEI.

Design yourself and be a part of an inspiring female community by registering via link in our bio. There are only three slots for our female students from the University of Mannheim and the registration applies "first come, first serve"! So be quick and don’t miss your chance on an exciting opportunity!

For more info and registration visit Ideathon - NEXT MANNHEIM (

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