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Start-up BW Pro-Tect

Start-up BW Pro-Tect Startup BW

To support startups in times of covid-19 the Ministry for Economics, Labour and Housing of Baden-Württemberg widens its pre-seed programme "Start-up BW Pre-Seed". The new initiative is called "Start-up BW Pro-Tect".

Start-up BW Pro-Tect is addressing startups that have just left early stage and are now in financial turmoil because of the pandemic. Therefor "Start-up BW Pro-Tect" is meant to secure sufficient liquidity until the next round of investment.

A key requirement for financial support is that setting up of the venture is no longer than five years ago. Furthermore, the business model has to be growth-orientated, such as AI-technologies, platform-related-technologies, e-commerce, smart-green-technology, industry 4.0 or liefe science.

Financial aid is given in privat-public cooperation, meaning that at least 20 % of the financing has to be committed by private investors. Relevant for the amount of aid is the cashburn, consisting of all ongoing costs for the upcoming six months.

Application can be handed in via pre-defined coordination agencies, such as bwcon. More relevant info on requirements, documents and partners under

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