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Apply for the SEED-accelerator-programme!

Apply for the SEED-accelerator-programme! grünhof

 SEED #kickstart

You have an interesting idea for a new product with high potential and/or a first prototype? Then start to develop a customer-orientated product concept within the accelerator-programme SEED of GREEN ACCELERATOR Grünhof in Freiburg/Germany.

Applicants can be individuals as well as startup-teams, bringing in a startup-idea and being in the (pre-)founding stage.

The SEED-programme will enable successful candidates to develop and grow their business modell step by step. Within 8 weeks the idea should be much more concrete, to be able to start over.  Part of the programme is expert coaching, a stylish office place within an inspiring community and a valuable corporate network. In contrast to some other accelerators Grünhof doesn´t want your money and isn´t asking for shares ;) Included are also 4 exciting basecamps and awesome after-work-events.

More information on content and timetable:

The application can be submitted on:

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