CUBEX41 is an innovative center for foundations and competences in the field of medical technology. It offers everything that is necessary for the success of an idea as well as for the growth of a company in this complex future field:

  • Proximity to people, brands and markets, among others the University Medical Center Mannheim, the Fraunhofer Project Group for Automation in Medicine and the Biotechnology (PAMB) as well as the Institute of Medical Technology
  • Know-how of experts around the idea itself ("PROFITeams")
  • Infrastructure for perfect development and testing, eg B. Access to the intervention space of the future as a partner of the research campus M²OLIE
  • Flexibility in terms of architecture and equipment, after all, it is not the size of the rooms that determines the size of your idea, but rather its equipment about its growth.

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  • University of Mannheim
  • Institut für Mittelstandsforschung
  • Gründerverbund
  • ESF
  • Europäische Union
  • Baden-Württemberg - Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft
  • Absolventum