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gig7 Gründerinnenzentrum

gig7 Gründerinnenzentrum

GIG7 is the competence center for qualified consulting of (female) existence founders and entrepreneurs in focus on "women in economy in Mannheim. For the step to independence requires not only technical expertise,high commitment and a well thought out concept, a high degree of self-organizationwhen it comes to the balance between family and business.

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Start into internet of things with Rasperry Pi and the visial application openHAB!

This unique offer is given to female founders by Startup Mannheim and GIG7. Topic will be a start in SmartHome with Raspberry Pi – Sms when the plant is to dry, Light on or temperature control off depending on weather conditions… So a very exciting and hands-on start into coding and there are no prerequisites needed apart from bringing your own laptop.

In detail the workshop will cover:

- Raspberry Pi – an introduction
- openHAB – installation and getting started on a Raspberry Pi
- sensors – getting aware of the environment and influencing it
- user interfaces - giving a face to data
- MQTT – getting things talk!

On Friday evening there will also be a networking event for those that cannot participate all the way (will be on meetup soon).


Friday, 3rd April 2020

Saturday, 4th April 2020


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Startup Mannheim offers a one day sales workshop within their Up2B Accelerator especially designed for female founders in the tech sector.
Topics will be:

✔️ Sales mindset
✔️ Telephone and cold calling
✔️ Sales Psychology
✔️ Best Practices


Lily Mizani has been supporting startups and female founders in their sales process and in the acquisition of first customers for years.


Tuesday, 18th February 2020, 09:00 - 17:00


gig7 in Mannheim, G7 22


gig7 and Ideacamp is inviting you to the 360° FeMale Business Workshop Week.

From 24 to 28 of October 2016 you can find workshops centered around entrepreneurship, startup, self-marketing, competence and the new brand „w“ – smart und sexy. This offer is not only aimed at entrepreneurs but also leaders in the industry, professionals in general and employees, interested in the topics as well as students. 


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There you can also get tickets! 



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