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Storytelling Studio

Storytelling Studio


“The best way to persuade people is telling a story, because you unite an idea with an emotion.”  -  Robert McKee


Take this opportunity to complement your education and learn how to tell a compelling story. Whether for you personally as well as for your Business, it is essential to get your message across. In this two day workshop you will learn exactly how to do that!


Day 1: You create your unique core story. Lift yourself out of the masses thanks to your storytelling and leave a lasting impression in your job interviews, assessment centers and business presentations (i.e. Startup/Investor Pitch!).

Day 2: You create a corporate story, including storyboard and learn to distinguish good from bad corporate stories (German and foreign companies). Become a competent partner in the key areas of marketing and corporate communications in your future leadership position.


The course will be held by Dr. Roberto Lalli del Malebranche, a distinguished author, storyteller and executive coach, at the Studium Generale of the University of Mannheim. You will receive a certificate in the end for the course. 

All participants will receive a certificate.


Go to now and sign up! Limited spaces!


Course Fee: 190 Euro / 95 Euro reduced price

Course Number: 100413 

Course Type: Weekend, either Oct. 15-16th  or Oct 29-30th 2016 from 9am-5pm

Location: Studium Generale, L15, 14 Mannheim, Room B109


Have fun at the course! 

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