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The future of AI & Big Datat Analytics 2022

The future of AI & Big Datat Analytics 2022 Adtelligence

On 04.05.2022 it’s time for the grand online conference on AI & Big Data Analyses organized by the Mannheim based startup Adtelligence! Experience the latest insights and best practices in AI and Big Data.

The digital transformation is in full swing: Central drivers are innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligences and Big Data Analytics. They create new dynamics, are enablers for unprecedented opportunities in all areas: Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, Banking & Finance or Automotive.

Join the discussion at the upcoming digital conference organized by Adintelliigence as industry experts once again share insights into their data architectures, machine learning models and use cases. How do you best leverage the potential? What do you need? What is the current situation in the market?

Join in and take part in the discussion!

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