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Validate your idea with Start-up BW ASAP!

Validate your idea with Start-up BW ASAP! ASAP Startup BW

Do you have an idea that you want to implement? Excellent! Regardless of whether you are just at the beginning or have already worked out a first concept, this is the place for you! The Start-up BW Academic Seed Accelerator Program (short: Start-up BW ASAP) is a statewide competition between all universities across Baden-Württemberg. You can work from anywhere and get digital support from the ASAP team to develop your idea in 5 challenges to a validated business model. If you go through all challenges and submit your documents, you can qualify for the big final and pitch your idea at the end of July 2020, win great prizes and make valuable contacts. You will also receive a certificate of participation and can get up to 3 ECTS credited.

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  • Statewide startup competition between universities: The aim is to validate the viability of an idea to an actual functioning business model.
  • How? You get 5 challenges to work out your idea. You can work when and from where you want with the opportunity to get feedback and ask questions at any time.
  • Qualify to participate in the demo day and pitch your idea in front of an audience and panel with the opportunity to win great prizes: receive up to € 1,000 and spots in state accelerators, the Social Impact Lab and much more.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance, which documents content and acquired competencies, and get up to 3 ECTS credited.

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