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Training program for IT-Security startups

Training program for IT-Security startups

Are you in Baden Württenberg? Do you have a team and a business idea related IT-Security?   

If your answers are 'yes', then you might be interested in the first IT-Security PreLab.  

The IT-Security PreLab is an intensive training program for Startups in the field of IT-Security.

It is organized by Cyberlab, the Baden-Württenberg IT-Accelerator of Karlsruhe.  

In this 4 day training, you will work together with coaches, mentors and IT-Security experts who will analyse your business concept and help you move forward.   

The program is totally free and mostly held in German. It will be carried out on four Fridays: 21.09.18 / 28.09.18 / 05.09.18 / 12.09.18  

You can find more information and register for this program on our website:  

If you have any question, please contact one of the organizators: Michel Yammine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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