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Fuchs Petrolub

Fuchs Petrolub Photo material © copyright FUCHS PETROLUB SE
Fuchs Petrolub SE
Founded by Rudolf Fuchs
Founded in 1931
High-Quality Refinery Products, Lubricants
Located in Mannheim
Dr. Manfred Fuchs joined his father's business in 1959. He was then studying economics at the Wirtschaftshochschule Mannheim (State College for Economics), the forerunner of the University of Mannheim.

Lubricants. Technology. People.

Fuchs Petrolub started 1931 in Mannheim with the import and the distribution of high-quality products from Pennsylvania. They established a regional engine-oil business and set up their own production in 1936. After the WWII Fuchs lost its traditional oil suppliers and stopped the imports from Pennsylvania. But the company successfully revived its sales and expanded its market in other areas. In 1948, Fuchs lubricants were used on German racing circuits for the first time. By 1981, Fuchs had become a diversified Group with 80 production and trading companies. Nowadays, Fuchs Petrolub SE is the world's largest independent lubricant manufacturer, with more than 60 companies operating with almost 5,000 employees in more than 40 countries.

Dr. Manfred Fuchs began his studies in economics in 1958 at the Wirtschaftshochschule Mannheim (State College for Economics), the forerunner of the University of Mannheim. In 1959, at the age of 20 and while still studying, he joined his father's business. Dr. Fuchs describes his studies in economics at the University of Mannheim as the fundament for his life and work as a businessman. To him the university is of high value for the scientific and economic significance of the Rhine-Neckar Region. This is mainly due to its outstanding performance in research and teaching as well as its proximity to Mannheim Business School.

Fuchs Petrolub is a sponsor for the Institute for SME Research and Entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Fuchs always emphasises the importance of the work of the institute. Research topics range from startups and management to financing and company succession. Next to research the institute is also engaged in political advice and transfer of knowledge in the SME sector. All these activities are important for this sector as a decisive part of the German economy.

Fuchs´s company culture is strongly influenced by its founder's personality. Rudolf Fuchs was courageous and a visionary in his domain, and yet he was a calm and modest man. From the beginning of his venture, he put the “we” over the “I”. So when a client had some urgent need for lubricant, he did not hesitate to ride through Mannheim with his bike and an oil can. This spirit is still an essential part of the corporate culture and is expressed through a committed team and trusted interactions with clients and partners. The commitment goes beyond simply business in promoting and assuming social responsibility in daily activities.

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