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InstaFreight closes largest funding round in its history

InstaFreight closes largest funding round in its history

Berlin-based log-tech start-up InstaFreight successfully closes Series B financing of more than $ 40 million. Co-founder Philipp Ortwein graduated with a Master in Management from the University of Mannheim and did his executive education in Harvard and Stanford. He was a speaker in several MCEI events and courses.

With the new investment, the company will make supply chains strained by the pandemic and Ukraine war more resilient. Using its digital business model InstaFreight is making more capacity available and will handle overland transport more efficiently.

InstaFreight, one of Europe's fastest growing log-tech start ups, is announcing the successful closing of a $ 40 million Series B financing round. The financing round is led by Heliad and the European Investment Bank (Europäische Investionsbank [EIB]). All previous investors of InstaFreight have also participated in the new financing round.

The commitment of the investors and the current events in logistics and beyond show the outstanding potential that lies in an efficient and sustainable shaping of European overland transport. With its digital solutions, InstaFreight offers efficient and digital transport services as well as transport management solutions - holistic digital logistics concepts for industry and trade that are unique in Europe in terms of their simplicity and transparency.

“The truck logistics market is vast, highly fragmented and still dominated by non-digital players and overall inefficient, often paper-based, processes. InstaFreight, through its freight forwarding solutions and Transportation Management product, has seen tremendous growth over recent time, having made the company an integral part of this essential industry. Its fully digital and holistic platform solution empowers carriers and shippers equally. We are very excited to create together with the stellar team behind Philipp Ortwein and Maximilian Schäfer and among a strong investor base, a market leading solution to improve the logistics industry”, says Falk Schäfers, CEO of Heliad.

EIB-Vice President Ambroise Fayolle emphasizes: “Transportation still remains a major obstacle to reaching our climate goals. Moreover, the pandemic exposed how vulnerable our trade networks and supply chains are. That's why we are glad to support young and fast growing companies such as InstaFreight. Their creativity and logistics technology can help to accelerate our digital and green transformation and make European transport more resilient.“

The current situation in the logistics industry, which is additionally stressed by the Ukraine war, shows that stable supply chains cannot be taken for granted. Right now, transport prices are rising, capacities are becoming scarce and yet there are 30 percent empty runs in European overland transport. With more than 770,000 transport companies, the market is very fragmented. Through platform technology, InstaFreight makes this transport capacity more accessible to companies looking for reliable transport partners and designs the companies' supply chain to be even more efficient and sustainable. “Overland transport is still highly inefficient and we as InstaFreight provide more sustainability and efficiency through a technological approach, thereby contributing our share to secure global supply chains,” adds Philipp Ortwein, Managing Director and Co-Founder of InstaFreight.

“This is a significant step for InstaFreight on the way to combine first-class technology with operational excellence for the benefit of shippers, freight forwarders and the environment. The international overland transport market will continue to outperform other segments and only those who are able to create cutting-edge technology will be able to grow in the future,” concludes Dirk Reich, Chairman of InstaFreight.

InstaFreight is the leading digital logistics provider for road freight in Europe - a 250 bn € market. The company consolidates the transport capacity of a highly fragmented supply base and offers it to shippers in one digital interface. With InstaFreight's digital platform, shippers and carriers realize efficiency potentials in the logistics process as well as cost savings through state-of-the-art technology.

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