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Shell Ventures invested in InstaFreight

Shell Ventures invested in InstaFreight Shell Germany/Oliver Reck Studio Reck

Shell Ventures just invested a major amount into the Berlin-based startup InstaFreight. Shell Ventures is the venture capital provider of the petrol multinational Royal Dutch Shell. Beside capital Shell Ventures also provides support in expanding the digital offer to customers all around Europe.

"We are insanly happy to have attracted such a renowned brand as Shell as investor and partner. With the new capital we will invest in further growth and improvement of technology“ stated InstaFreight founder Philipp Ortwein.

Jermaine Saaltink, Venture Principal of Shell Venture, added: "We invest in start-ups with technologies and business models that have the potential to truly revolutionize marktes and to provide best solutions to customers. Management team and fast growth of InstaFreight especially impressed us. That is why we are very much looking forward to the cooperation between us and a long-lasting common success.“

The current success is just another one out of many recent success stories: Not too long ago the New York hedge funds 683 Capital invested a double-digit amount in InstaFreight.

InstaFreight founder Philipp Ortwein is a Uni Mannheim alumnus. InstaFreight aims at B2B-customers who like to freight single palettes or whole truck loads. The app is a one-stop-shop for freight within the European Union. Customers benefit from a reliable transport, freight carriers receive constant orders via their platform. The biggest carrier serving Instafreight has a fleet of some hundred trucks but average fleets are usually smaller. Instafreight was founded in 2016 and has more than 100 employees.

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